Company Profile

ExoCyte Therapeutics Pte. Ltd. (ExoCyte) is a Singapore incorporated biotechnology company with a novel cancer vaccine strategy that represents the next generation of personalized cancer immunotherapy.   We are developing the means by which to educate a patient’s immune system to fight their malignancy. ExoCyte’s vaccine strategy is premised on the electroporation of tumor-derived exosomes into autologous dendritic cells which are then co-administered with a checkpoint inhibitor.  Using this approach the Company expects to be able to treat all tumors, regardless of their origin. ExoCyte holds issued patents (US, China, Japan) and PCT applications over the use of exosome-electroporated dendritic cells for cancer therapy and anticipates evaluating the vaccine in first-in-man clinical studies starting in 2018.  The Company has a low capital structure, semi-virtual business model with low cash burn, high-profile collaborators and a fast-track development program.