ExoCyte’s patented vaccine technology directly educates a cancer patient’s own immune system by activating their dendritic cells to fight their disease.  Dendritic cells are key orchestrators of the immune response, triggering antibody production and activation of T-cells, which are pivotal in destroying a tumor. Dendritic cells are educated with tumor antigens, the genetic and protein markers that characterize tumors and differentiate them from normal tissue. Exosomes are microvesicles containing tumor antigens that are released by tumors into biological fluids like blood and urine.  To educate the dendritic cells, exosomes are first harvested from the patient’s blood, urine or other fluids, then combined with dendritic cells from that patient using flow electroporation technology.  The electroporated dendritic cells, which now carry the tumor antigens, are subsequently returned to the patient as a “vaccine” that activates players of the immune system to hunt out and kill tumors.  The Company’s therapeutic vaccine approach provides a solution to treat all tumors, regardless of their origin, aggressiveness or mutagenicity